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Your Questions Answered!

Do you repair computer systems in peoples homes?

Yes, If possible repairs are carried out at the customers home.

Do you have a call-out charge?

No, there is no call-out charge. We will diagnose the problem by phone and then give the customer a quote. If the customer decides he does not want the repair carried out, then there is no charge.

When can you undertake the repair?

We will endeavour to visit your home or office within 24 hours, weekdays.

Can you provide testimonials?

Yes, we can put you in touch with people who have been satisfied with our work.

Are your repairs, upgrades, systems and peripherals guaranteed?

Yes all components are guaranteed for at least 1 year although some components may be guaranteed for much longer. All our monitors carry a 3 year warranty.



Solutions for your problems

Perhaps the best way to show you the way we work is to list a few of the common cases which we solve. This will give you a good idea of the way we work plus a guide to our pricing.

Case 1 - Windows XP Will Not Start

The customer reported that his system would hang midway during the Windows XP Boot process. He had unsuccessfully tried to reinstall Windows XP and had important documents on his system and had not made backups.

On inspecting his system we found that his hard drive contained bad sectors. He had also corrupted his Windows files by trying to reinstall Windows XP.

Firstly we made a byte for byte backup of his faulty hard drive and copied this backup onto a new drive.

Using the customers Windows XP CD we reinstalled Windows XP over the existing files on the new hard drive.

Case 2 - DVD Writer Fitted

The customer required a DVD Writer fitting in his system. The DVD Writer was fitted and tested at a total cost of 80 (including the cost of the DVD writer).

Case 3 - Windows Crashing

The customer reported that his system was crashing constantly. He had already had a quote from a another company suggesting that he required a new motherboard, processor & fan (£210). On inspection of his system we found that the system was not protected with a Virus Checking Program and was infected with the Klez.32 Virus. The Virus was removed within the hour for a total charge of £35. The system did not require new components.

Case 4 - Networking Broadband

The customer wanted to use his BT Broadband connection on two computers. We supplied a Router and Network Cable, setup the router and tested the internet on both computers. The total cost was 110.

Case 5 - Update System Ram

The customer's system was running Windows but was only equipped with 64MB of RAM. An extra 128MB of RAM (10 year warranty) was fitted which vastly improved the speed of the system at a total cost of 70.

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